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Tokyo-Hot Emi Moriguchi n0250 The Naughty Confession

Porno TUBE Videos The one of the occupations that all the men want to become once is the teacher of the girls' school. Teacher's official power is abused and school girl makes a detention and do an initial lesson of the sex. The school uniform is tearing up by force and fingered by bait the marks of school reports. The devil delusions of not only the fan of TOKYO HOT but also all men are not run out. Such a girl school is a stage this time. EMI MORIGUCHI is a dynamite tits nymph who goes to a famous girl's school. After school in a certain day EMI confesses to the loved teacher in the classroom and it seems to become school love story.... However TOKYO HOT doesn't permit such as impure association of the teacher and the student. It is the matter of course that severe punishment is given to EMI who commits adultery with the teacher and missed person's road. Insult play that bullied the innocent body of under development by force was full of dreadfulness thoroughly. EMI confesses to the teacher of the yearning in the classroom after school. Though the teacher is puzzled over the sudden confession from a student first he lose the reason to EMI loveliness and the deep kiss is begun. EMI originates a big pant voice while she is massaged the bust from the back and is licked the ear. She is fingered between groins from the panty in the open leg pose. The teacher moves the panty after he licks joyfully the blot of the joy juice that seeps into the panty and makes finger fuck. The joy juice that becomes cloudy gushes to violent finger fuck. Then EMI starts hand job service to his cock. The cock is sucked in the aftertaste where the cock head was licked by the tongue and fellatio is started. EMI sucked cock deeply into the mouth and made hard fellatio as it is said by the teacher. It is lick & breathing in the ball bag and thick fellatio that hangs saliva down in cock. The image caught by teacher's line of vision is the presence full marks. Then it is rub cock service by her dynamite tits. The cock is wrapped up with the tits with tension while hanging saliva down in the head of cock and gives tits job service. Then cock is inserted at the standing back posture and the cloudiness joy juice gushes immediately. It gets excited by zoom up of the uniting part that vagina meat coil around cock by violent piston at the backward woman on top woman on top and missionary posture. EMI is inserted the cock in the interior of the vagina and ejaculates. A strange sound is heard from the pussy when the cock is pulled out once and it is inserted again. And it is the vaginal cum shot. A strange sound sounds by a large volume and a large amount of semen flow backward. Two people embrace each other harmoniously after the fact. The principal vice-principal and chief of teacher are hearing intertwine voice and came there. Three people including the principal rage to the serious situation that occurred at the school. The teacher is made to go out immediately and EMI also pours in scolding. In addition body chastisement made to EMI due to follow the school regulations. After the nipple is caressed EMI is made finger fuck by the open leg pose. In continues the rotor toy is inserted in the pussy. In addition the clitoris is stimulated with another rotor toy and the pussy is already wet. Then vibs toy attack is made next. After the pussy is stirred with various toys Cuzco is inserted compulsorily and the opening of uterus is exposed. And then standing fellatio starts. The devil play that tries to three cocks thrown in to the mouth at the same time explodes. EMI licks them hardly by the tongue. Then cock is inserted at the missionary posture. The hard piston is made at the side back backward woman on top woman on top and missionary posture and first vaginal cum shot is made at the bending posture. The second cock is immediately inserted in the pussy where semen drips and drops. Emi faints in agony while pouring away the cloudiness joy juice and semen from vagina. The second vaginal cum shot is made compulsorily at the bending posture. Immediate aftermath it is compulsion stir in vagina by finger and semen is raked out. And third cock is inserted at once and vaginal cum shot is made at the missionary posture. A large amount of semen flows backward. The labia meat that the piston is done many times is enlarged vagina meat is sloppy and it slackens and power to shrink is lost for a violent piston. However the chastisement continues and EMI is expanded the pussy by the finger and is made lift hip up pose. Schoolboys at the sister's school are gathered and continues cum shot is made aiming at the enhanced pussy. Total 10 cum shot is poured to her pussy. Another four schoolboys ejaculate one after another to face of EMI who being not able to get up and falling afterwards. The cock after it ejaculates is rubbed against the face. After the fact disposal of EMI is decided. She will receive the same attack for the week. The confession to the teacher is outrageous. It is necessary to reeducate. The school where EMI goes to is the venerable traditional school which sent a lot of obedient sexual slaves out to gentlemen in the world. Not only will the reforming rotten character of EMI in one week but also it be to let all the schoolgirls without dropout graduate safety as a full-fledged meat urinal.. The video was released in japan on 2007/08/21. Play duration is 01:13:30 on findporn.tv

Published Time2017-05-05
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